There may never be a better time to see if preparing tax returns is a career that works for you.

At the present time the only requirement to prepare taxes is to obtain a PTIN through the IRS.  Taking our course will get you ready with the knowledge to prepare taxes.

You may easily recoup the cost of the course by preparing your own tax returns and making the right choices in future tax planning.

We hope you decide to join us in this exciting and rewarding field.

The WEBTAX practical "Hands On" 12 week course teaches the basic income tax laws and how to apply them. 



For more than 50 years WEBTAX has used their vast knowledge and experience to teach Income Tax Preparation.

Preparing on actual forms makes it easier to understand and apply the tax laws. No previous training or experience is necessary.

  • Great new career for retirees
  • Excellent opportunities for persons who wish to work full-time, only part of the year
  • Work part-time to supplement your regular income
  • Learn tax laws to help in other careers
  • Learn ways to lower taxes on your own return

Enroll Today
The demand for qualified Tax Preparers is growing each and every year. NOW is the time to learn the skills to enter this exciting field. Job interviews are available for top graduates. However, there is no obligation to accept employment from WEBTAX. A diploma is awarded to students passing the course.


Our MANUAL COURSE lasts for eight weeks. We start with the very basics of tax preparation. Our instructor will spend half the class time presenting the topic(s) of the day; then allow you to prepare the forms related to the topic while encouraging students to ask questions. Homework related to the topic(s) of the day will be assigned. At the beginning of the next class we will go over the homework, again encouraging questions. We feel this method really gets to the nuts and bolts of tax preparation. Our instructors are dedicated to ensuring that each student understands the material and is able to prepare forms.


Once you have completed our MANUAL COURSE you will be invited to enroll in our COMPUTER TAX COURSE. Now that you understand the nuts and bolts of tax preparation WEBTAX feels it's a must that you learn to prepare tax returns with computer software. Once you've completed both courses you should be on track to start a new and rewarding profession. You may ask: Why not just learn the computer method since that's the way tax returns are prepared today? The answer is simple: You need to understand the nuts and bolts of tax preparation to interview clients and answer questions. Also we will cover ELECTRONIC FILING. A must to succeed in this industry.


People from all walks of life attend our course. There are no restrictions, only a desire to learn and the willingness to attend class, study and complete assignments. Our instructors are experienced in Tax Preparation and Instruction procedures. Our "hands on" method is supplemented by directed classroom discussions, use of IRS and professional texts and completion of practice problems. Students are encouraged to spend one hour on homework for each classroom hour.

Tax law affects all working individuals and families, many of life's most important decisions have major tax implications. Learn how to determine these effects and maximize tax savings from these decisions.

Simple - WEBTAX is in the tax business only! We understand that many of our students will go on to represent WEBTAX through employment. The bottom line - YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.

The tuition is free. We are forced to charge a nominal fee to cover our cost of materials, supplies, copying and use of our software and computers. The classes are held in a classroom environment in our Webtax Central Avenue location. Our instructors are dedicated to your success. We understand and hope you will soon be a WEBTAX associate. Let's get started today!


Upcoming Class Schedule  

Start date is September 18, 2018.  Classes will meet on Tuesday and Thursday.  There are morning class sessions and evening class sessions. The morning class will run from 9:30 – 12:30 and the evening class will run from 6:30 – 9:30! 


An overall course grade of 70 percent is required for successful completion. The final grade is determined from scores achieved on reviews, quizzes and a final exam. A Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion. Enrollment or completion is not a guarantee of employment.

To enroll in our tax class, please CLICK HERE. 


Pam Webb Robinson